Long Marsh Dam

Location      Eastern Tiers
Route Summary      Level short walk to a historic convict era site
Walk Description      

The most direct route is Honeysuckle Road from Ross, a distance of about 44k.  The road leaves the Tooms Lake Road about 18k from Ross and is initially a low standard but not overly rough gravel road for a large part of the distance, but does become rougher over the last third of the way. The former bridge over the Macquarie River no longer exists and ends at a rock barrier just prior to the river. A track leaves the road at the bottom of a dip a few hundred metres before the barrier (at S42° 08.8216 E147° 49.5031) and this gives an easy walk to the ruins of former settlement for the construction workers. The dam site can also be visited from this western side of the river.    A GPX file can be downloaded.

Ruins at probation station
Coffer dam

From the road the track is a wide being a 4wd type and is fairly level to a point where it drops to a weir on the Macquarie River.  At the high point though there is a marked walking track going to the ruins of the probation station. Quite a number of the remains of buildings are there and it is interesting to wander about the site. Part way along a side goes east to overlook the dam site and the embankments built on both sides by the workforce.  Another very short side track goes to a grave.

The river can have crossed at the weir or at the embankment, although that is steep, and a sandstone quarry visited and coffer dam and Long Marsh itself.
Map     Colonels 1:25
Last Updated  &#1 Saturday, 2 April 2016

Route Grade      Short and relatively easy
Route Distance Klms       4.5
Days      1
Time Hours    allow 3 hours to see most of the site

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